Arun Sharma was born and raised in New York, USA.  Sharma received his MFA from the University of Washington (USA) in 2009 and a MA Ceramics from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) in 2011.  Sharma received a BFA from Alfred University (USA) in 2001.

Sharma has exhibited widely in the USA, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia.  He has lived and made artwork in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and most recently the UK where he was awarded a US-UK Fulbright grant to conduct research at the National Center for Ceramic Studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Arun Sharma now lives in Sydney and continues to exhibit his artwork nationally and internationally.  

Sharma’s autobiographical artwork is interested in the human body, both physically and metaphorically.  Using emotively beautiful work he elevates the viewer’s senses by drawing them into a world beyond the familiar, all the while presenting identifiable themes.

My installation and sculpture based artwork is an autobiographical extension of myself. By intuitively responding to different materials, processes, and concepts, I create art work that reveals my true nature, my feelings and thoughts about an idea, or an experience I had.

Recently, the most common themes that have emerged from the artwork are birth and death.

My hope is that if I am able to tap into some truth about myself through my art work, that in some way it will translate for others. If not, then perhaps through my artwork, a seed will get planted within the viewer and slowly as the seed matures, the viewer will understand more about themselves and their experience in this world.” – Arun Sharma